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Collect my new R32 this Thursday!!!

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hi everyone, I'm lucky enough to be collecting my brand new black R32 this Thursday! Do you have any ownership tips and should the car be run in? If so how long for and what are max revs etc etc?

Many thanks
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Hi chap, welcome to the fold!

I didn't go above 4000 rpm for the first 350 miles and then gradually upped it till I was driving however I wanted at 800 and thrashing it to death (joke) after 1k.

Modern engines are well run in already but I still think it's good to take it easy to start. VW recommend taking it easy for the first 1k and they should know.

In a nutshell, it won't make much (if any) difference unless you thrash it right out of the box or cuddle it for ages.

Enjoy ;-)
Yep, I'd agree with Dave.

Take it easy(ish) for the first 1k, but after that drive it "normally". I wouldn't suggest redlining it everywhere, but give it a bit every now and again to stretch it's legs!

Every mile it will get better and better, trust me :D
welcome to the site :) this weeks gunna go slow for you
thanks for your comments, do any of you have any recommended ISO fix child seats for the r32?
Just want to say welcome,

Hope you have a good drive home when you pick up your R on Thursday.

Hope to see some photos

Where are you from? CAM =Cambridge ?
I'm in west Sussex, collecting the car from VW in Portsmouth! Can't wait!! Its been a long time coming, placed order mid December!!
mine are out of car seats now, well, one on a booster so cant help on that one. a few on here have just had babies so i'm someone else can help you
cambiaso said:
thanks for your comments, do any of you have any recommended ISO fix child seats for the r32?
im waiting to collect my new R this comming wed. I have an 8month old and decided to go with the Recaro Baby seat as sold here on ebay - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RECARO-Young-...ryZ66695QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

after loads of research i decided this was the best specced seat and the safest.

do a search on google and you will find them cheaper. then call the guys on ebay and they will match and reduce by a further 5% so not a bad deal in the end.
Hi cambiaso welcome to the forum mate! hope you enjoy your r as much as i have.
where abouts in west sussex do you come from i live in crawley there is a vw meet at patching the fox pub every last sunday in the month if you are interested you get a few r32s there as well as mk i & mk2
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