One pair of Compbrake 4 pot callipers with mechanical handbrake function. First, the technical stuff. The pistons are 4x38mm diameter and the calliper designed to run with up to a 330x28mm rotor ( which is exactly what I used ) . They will work with a 22mmrotor but 20mm thick pads will be needed rather than the 16.5mm pads supplied ( the 20mm ones are listed by , say Demon Tweeks ) .
Clearly they will also work on a smaller diameter rotor but I would not recommend anything lower than 310mm just because the curvature of the pad starts to deviate too much from that of the rotor .
I had them on the rear of my Mk5 R32 ( see my build thread under the highly imaginative title of ‘new owner ‘ ) but I had to make bespoke adaptors ( these callipers are clearly radial fitting ) . I also had a pair of bespoke handbrake cables made that are longer than the O.E ones and designed to fit the levers on the Compbrake Calipers but also fitted neatly into the guide tubes on the car and , obviously, the hand brake lever. I still have them so if anyone is keen to replicate what I have done,cables are here at an extra £50 ( Speedy cables who made them charged me, gulp, £160) .
So why are they for sale? Number one is that I have changed to an almost identical calliper from Compbrake but with an electric motor that operates the handbrake and the reason for that change is partly because Compbrake came up with this new design which I was keen to try as a prototype and secondly is that these callipers need a 19”rim if one is using a 330mm rotor ( to clear the lever ) and track day tyres for 19” wheels are much more expensive than those for 18” so I was quite keen to keep my brake spec but run 18” rims on the track . The new electric ones sit quite happily under 18” rims , so happiness abounds .