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As a long time lurker and occasional poster, I thought it was time I started a gallery thread

I've owned and modified VWs for many years.

Here are a couple of my previous rides which had the modifications stick waved at them:-

MK2 Golf 16V Turbo Technics

This thing was a riot to drive. It had an original Turbo Technics kit but modified by Stealth Racing to run a bank of VR6 injectors using a K Star module. This was back in 2001 and standalones were rubbish back then, but it ran beautifully and made around 220hp. Doesn't sound a lot but in a ~1000kg it shifted

Corrado VR6

I had owned this for 9 years and I tried every modifcation under the sun, but I'll keep it brief and show just the highlights

Here is the car in 2010, wearing 8x17 Comp MOs, AP Racing 330mm 4 pots and KW V3s.

Back then it was turboed to around 400hp, at a modest 11psi boost. Forged bottom end, GT35R turbo, Schimmel big valve head, 83mm Wossner forged pistons and mapped by myself using a DTA S80 standalone and 4Motion throttle body. It was all self built except the block.

I never went crazy with the power. It was built for reliability and to look as OE as possible. Even with a quaife diff and decent tyres, traction was a real issue with 400hp. Some folk run 500hp or more, but my view on that is power than can't be put down is a waste of petrol and rubber

The motor put in 60,000 daily miles and then it blew piston 5 as I accidentally overboosted it. Whoops!

So that then lead onto a MK5 R32 install. Again, taking an OE approach, I installed and mapped it myself with the same DTA standalone. It ran exactly as VW intended, even the cam control, but less the SAI and post lambdas obviously. It's a different engine when freed from the shackles of emissions control. Very linear and no snatchiness low down and it pulled very hard all the way to 7K.

I sold that last year and then researched a replacement car for a few months, looking at M5s, B5 RS4s, Integra Type Rs (DC5) etc etc but when it came down to it, I decided it was the better the devil I knew and stayed with VW. The choice was obvious really, an R32. The chassis is pretty decent, the traction is there and big brakes bolt straight on, so it's the perfect base for another turbo project

But for now, here is my latest victim, which I've had for 2 weeks now :-

MK4 Golf R32

It's a 2004 model with cruise control and sunroof.

Mods already done include debadging and a Stealth Racing remap. Mods to follow are US seat bases (cheers Stan 32!) as I don't like how the original bases sag to be honest.

The suspension is firm enough and I like the standard ride height, so the suspension won't be messed with. The brakes are a bit weak to be honest, so I might sprinkle it with some AP Racing calipers and discs and shift some unsprung weight at the same time, but other than that, I like the way it drives and handles.

At the moment I like the engine as it is, especially after Stealth's remap, but knowing myself, I give it 6 months before I start researching turbos!

I don't know what power it's making as Stealth's rollers broke when I was there, but it's a fantastic map. All flatspots gone and it pulls harder everywhere (most noticably in 6th on the motorway) and has perfect manners in the lower gears, better than stock in fact, all the horrid lurching has gone. It feels about 265ish to me, but when I get a power run done, I'll post it up. Oh and I also had the dogbone modified, so there's now no shunting through the drivetrain coming on/off the throttle in low gears.

As you can probably tell, I favour the OE+ approach and that's how the MK4 will modified also


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Ah I forgot about this thread!

Cheers for the nice comments guys

I've been mostly fixing stuff and working on sound deadening the interior as the exhaust droning is getting on my nerves! I think I will import a Tectonics tuning exhaust from the states as I had one my Corrado and it was super quiet, no drone at all.

I've got a NIME fan controller on order and I'm booked into Stealth next week for chains, clutch and DMF. None of them need doing, it's just preventative maintenance. I usually keep my cars for years, so it'll be a good investment.

I've also sourced a Haldex blue controller but haven't got round to fitting it yet!

The only mod I've done so far is fitting the US seat bases, which has got rid of the sagging quite nicely

From this....

..to this...


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Kev, how do you find the Haldex blue? Now that my timing chain issues seem to have gone away I am begining to drive my R32 a little more vigerously and encountering that momentary-understeer-before-the-power-shunts-to-the-rear I have read about.
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