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Creaky Rear Suspension

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Hi all, Lately my mk5 R32 has had its rear suspension creaking on the driver side when I come to a stop? has anyone experienced this before? Is this a bad sign?
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I had this problem a few weeks ago.

MOT advisory was that rear springs were corroded, and every time I went over bumps there was a creaking noise from the rear.

Bought 2 new rear springs from VW and had them fitted at awesome GTI and no more creaking.
£70 per spring from VW for me

But I had a 700 mile journey in the R, so just wanted to make sure it was safe cos the advisory was in June 2012, and nothing had been done when I bought the car in April 2013.

I'm sure there's a post in the for sale thread from someone who's selling mk5 springs.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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