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Finally got round to fitting the decat pipe to my non res miltek, what a difference! If your considering it, the noise is unreal, be prepared! Personally I think it's deece but others may not think so. No videos yet. Jus some pics!

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Stage 1 - old shit off

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Asphalt Wood Road surface

Stage 2 - prepped to go

Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Rim Automotive exterior

Stage 3 - ready to roll

The only thing I will say is I have noticed a very tinny rattle on overrun (when I let off) from the exhaust....if i accelerate it goes away for a bit then your hear it getting louder. Is there any valves in the exhaust to cause that?! It sounds a bit odd. Was there before but has been amplified now...if its just like that its not the end of the world jus wouldn't mind any thoughts?!

Ps the quality of the pipe is spot on, and lucifer was def worth buying from....all in all well worth the money!!! Get buying!!

Enjoy the cleaning weather dubbeRs



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Look good man, Do you have an engine light on now then too??
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