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Daily Commute??

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I know this topic has been asked a few times but I've got a bit of a dilema..

Now I currently love the location where I live, we've got a house near a park which if it was any other part of the UK we'd never have been able to afford. BUT I've been offered a job approximately 70 miles away that has a 50% pay rise and a small car allowance. Obviously I wouldnt be able to do it in the R so would get a diesel Ignoring the cost of fuel and the mileage depreciation etc, would people consider such a commute as do-able? If it helps it'd be mainly on the M18, M62 so its not as though I'd have to crawl at 50mph on B roads. I expect it would take me about 1h 10 if the traffic is okay. My current commute is 15 miles but takes 30 mins.
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It would not bother me I work as a telecoms rigger I work from home and get my jobs e mailed to me which can be anywhere in the country if I travelled 70 mile to a job and 70 mile home I would not have had a bad day on my way back from Moffat Scotland as I type this out back home to Manchester but having said that I get paid door to door and have works merc sprinter with fuel etc paid
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