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DBP 3dr in Maidstone

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Saw you going towards Peneden Heath around 1pm ish on Sunday - I was in a bright yellow Mini going the other way - not mine, the birds....:puke:
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If it was a MkIV then it might have been me, was at a wedding fayre in Oakwood House with the soon to be MrsChaps!

Woohooo, I might have been spotted for the first time in a year! :D
That could have been me aswell. lol. I live not far from there, was just out on a sunday drive about! Did you catch any of the reg??
Well dont take this personally but I think the driver was Bald???

It was on the road with Peneden heath one end and the Prison wall at the other....

Defo a MkIV.
:thumpdown: Don't think it was me then. My hair is short, but you'd definately have been able to see it :D
It wasnt me then!!

Can't someone spot me?? I haven't been spotted yet! :-(
Fiona said:
It wasnt me then!!

Can't someone spot me?? I haven't been spotted yet! :-(
Or me :D
I spotted ya.And it was very dark.albeit not in kent but i still counts dont it?
Wasnt me, i have a full head of hair!! lol

But i havent been spotted either!!:(
Is it me or am I the only person in Kent with a black R?? ha!
was it just one person in car?? got family in vinters so could of been me, saying that i have hair
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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