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Hi all, went up to old trafford yesterday for the footie with some fellow long suffering spurs supporters in my brothers hyundai people carrier as we could not all fit in the R turned out to be a very wise move. We payed £7 to park in a local working mens club car park along with about thirty odd other cars , when we returned after the game we found the local scumbags had been at work nearly every car had been broken into via the brick through the window method.Now when i say broken into it looked like a war zone they had wrecked the iterior of these cars with a nice amg merc behind us having the dashboared destroyed in an attempt to get the factory fit sat nav out.When we checked my brothers car out it had not been touched and he had left it unlocked !
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Wow, thats really bad!! what scum!! Lucky you didnt take the R!!
Why do we have scumbags like that,
Bet you were glad that you did not take your .:R as not enough room, and sure your brother was happy that his Hyundai was not touched even though it was unlocked,
Shame about the other cars and no one will be caught.(Any CCTV there ?)
You sure he left it unlocked???? Just i heard they are easy to get into just like the mk4 golf, and perhaps they didnt find anything of worth taking so no damage.

But that is a right shame. Just wondering if there was a sign saying, parking at owners risk or something similar. If not im sure they all could claim against the club.
Little buggers!!! Sounds awful.

When I used to go to Old Trafford on a regular basis we used to use a car park like you mention but it was near Salford Quays - you used to have to pay for the car park and then bung the local scum a couple of quid to make sure that your car was there and in one piece when you got back!!!
His car was def left unlocked he left his sat nav in the glovebox and it was still there !
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