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Hi everyone,
I thought I might post how to do on that mod. Its quiet easy and it looks awesome :D. You have to be patient and of course take your time doing it. This is for 3 door .:R32 or any other mk4 Golfs.
The pics shown are of the door card which I bought from the scrappy to see how it would work before I would wreck mine:bike: Here we go:

Parts required:

Combitool or any other tool that can cut plastic
Digital Caliper or measuring tape
Stanley knife
Torx Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver
Wire Strippers/Clipers
Cloth tape
Insulation Tape
1x Blank A4 page or any piece of paper that you can make a template from
4x Spade Connectors
2x Audi (A4/A6 2000-)Footwell Lights (p/n: 331 947 113)-got them in the scrap yard for nothing :D
2x White LED bulbs 38mm
4x VW wires (p/n: 000 979 131 A)

Step 1:Remove the fuse for the interior light (If I remember correctly it's No.14)

Step 2:
Remove your door cards
DIY can be found here--------> http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=961163

Step 3:
Prepare a template for the hole. I made mine from the paper as seen on the picture.

Step 4:
When you have the template ready, place it on the door card and find a location where you would like your light to be. I chose the very middle of the door.

When you transfer the template on the door card (I used standard pen to mark the card), you are ready for the hardest part-the cutting.You will need something to cut the holes out in your door card. I used Combitool which had all kinds of attachments for cutting, grinding, sanding etc. I'd say there would be other way for cutting the hole out but I found that the Combitool was the best. Stanley knife wouldnt be great for cutting, because that plastic is quite hard.

(This is was me cutting for the first time, so I would suggest that if you havent cut anything before, try it few times on something else before you attempt this-the actual hole in my door card looks much better:lollypop: )And again take your time, dont rush anything.
Step 5:
With the hole ready its time to see if the light fitting goes in place nicely. If it isnt you can use stanley knife to trim bits of plastic in the door card little bit. Just remember that the hole should be tight enough for the light fitting to clip in.

Step 6:
When its done you can move on to wiring the light. Im sorry but I didnt take any pics when wiring the light but its very easy.
I used those yellow cables from VW that are required for W8 light (just had to clip the ends), but you can use any cable at all. I attached red and blue female spade connector on each cable for 12V(red) and Ground(blue).
I wired the light to the light which is already in the door (the one which is red/white).

You can remove the cloth tape in that harness by slicing it with stanley knife. I would say scotch connectors would do the job perfectly, but I wanted to do it as OEM as possible, so I stripped the main wires little bit and joined the new wires into the harness. I used insulation tape to avoid any blown fuses and then used the cloth tape (available from local VW stealer) to wrap the new wires together for the original look. So before you put your door card back on test the light.

Connect the light to the new harness, pop the bulb in and put the fuse back in for the interior light. If it works, remove the fuse again, disconnect the light and start putting the door card back on.
Do the same for the other door cards and enjoy your new LED puddle lights.:ridinghorse: :smokin:

My only concern about that mod was if there is enough clearence between the door card and door sill. I didnt want the light to rub off the sill and guess what-it didnt!!!:151: :D

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Stan.:R32 said:
Thanks VC, believe me it looks savage in the dark :D
i used to have puddle lights on my range rover, could never see the point of them until i went to a festival and had to camp in a swamp

nice to see what your treading in, and also damn handy when you drop your keys lol
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