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DIY on the R

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After seeing Jonny on 5th gear servicing a fiesta on the tv a couple weeks and showing you how to save money I thought to myself maybe its worth giving it ago myself. If im honest ive done nothing like it myself before and I have no tools but I know where most parts are on the car. Mines not due for a while but if im saving money why not? Ive seen theres DIY places poping up where you can take your car for a small fee and use all there tools etc to do what you want for car so was wondering was it worth it? On a performance car like the R is it more complicated then a standard car? I do want to learn more about fixing cars as my wife has a couple she wants to get sorted out but doesnt have the time or money to do so but if I can do a few jobs on them where half way there. Even on mine the rear diff seals will need changing in the near future and I would like to do some small mods but I dont want to start trying to do these jobs and then bugger the car up. What do you think?
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Before you know it you'll be doing the timing chains....

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I did my first oil change on the Bora about a month ago, I've now changed the chains, water pump, oil pump on my R32 engine which I'm now attempting to put in the Bora!

As long as you have the tools, patience and enough documentation such as Bentley, Elsawin and ETKA then its just one big jigsaw puzzle :)
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