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ive been wanting to wax my car for the last few months finally got round to getting this wax delivered 2weeks ago no thanks to ebay and the post but i will prob have time to do it tomorrow not that ive ever waxed a car or know how long it takes let a lone the process!

anyway was just wondering is this weather too cold to be waxing a car? as wax will prob end up being rock hard etc. i have also purchased an electric buffer to help with this but will i need to wait for the weather to warm up?


N13KK F :marchmellow:

You should be fine N13KKF!

Purple haze isn't that hard anyway. My advice would try to take it of by hand first. Did mine last week in similar weather and washed and waxed with purple haze all within an hour an ten mins!

Just do it panel by panel and you'll get a great finish that will last for months!!

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