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Door trims

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Hello all. Just wondering if anyone knows if the door bump strips are stuck on or screwed on. Just looking at the car and I'd love to see what it looks like without these but don't want to even attempt it if they are screwed on, naturally because I will be left with holes. It's an 06 mk5.
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vrt said:
I will check car domain
Am sure i saw a smoothed MakV R on that
Am guessing it a 3dr your wanting to see it on?

Thanks buddy that is the look I'm going for.
Nochav said:
They clip into holes which need welding shut and then painting I'm afraid....

Same with rear quarter panels
Thanks for the pics bud. Would love to do that but as my fear far too much work involved lol.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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