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Hey everyone! Ever since i was younger i always wanted a mk5 r32. it has been my dream car ever since i got into mk5's, last may i sold my GLI Fahrenheit and made the dream come true. I was offered the opportunity to buy my friends dads r32 for the friends discount of 7500 bucks. He is the only owner and had it since new, car still has window sticker, its in amazing shape and no interior plastics are faded or vents broken, even the rear cupholders are intact! this car was kept in a temperature controlled environment and whilst having 150k miles has had every single imaginable item serviced. The wheels were off since new and are in pristine condition. The front end and headlights had ppf since new which i just recently took off in the most recent pic revealing the headlights to be brand spanking new. Another plus is that the car has the haldex performance module and controller, it’s a blast to drive when its slick out! Since getting the car I haven't done much, retrofitted newer radio, euro high beams, skyline tail mod, aluminum mirrors, and recently mk6 climate and illuminated handles. I look forward to meeting more owners and bringing you guys updates as the car comes along!
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