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Good morning!

Just looking for a bit of advice or opinion from experience of members on here.

I bought a second car in May of this year, filled out all the relevant paper work and went on my way. In July when the car came to being taxed i hadn't received a V5 so used the new keeper supplement to tax the vehicle and filled out a V62 form enclosing the new keeper supplement to receive a V5 in my name.

Today, being 4 - 5 months after buying the vehicle, i still haven't received a V5 document stating i am the registered keeper. I called the DVLA who confirm that at the moment it shows on their systems as no registered keeper.

Their advice is to fill out another V62 form and pay £25 for a new V5. I find this quite frustrating as ive obviously gone through all the correct channels and filled out the correct forms. Another advisors advice was to speak to the post office (from where it was sent) and see if they can do anything - Which obviously would be a waste of my time and their time.

Now, what can i do now? My reasoning behind just filling out another V62 is that anyone could technically do it saying they're the new keeper - there is absolutely no way to prove i am the new keeper / have bought the car without the new keeper supplement (already sent off previously) and the V5 isnt a replacement as the car isnt registered to anyone at the moment.

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