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Edition 38 - Show pics

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after spending £30 to get me and mrs very cherry thru the gates i only ended up staying for about 30 minutes as i didnt want to miss the drag racing at santapod

pretty decent show, hot weather and good location and i remembered the camera (well the nokia n95 anyway but close enough :D)

this audi was PHAT! FACT! :D

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fell in love with this fighter jet paint job (and the girlies on the ass ;))

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how wide!

did you notice the passed out guy in the one above? he was sleeping next to this cute little ass:

oh my............ this ones a fast looking colour ;)

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pictures dont do the candy paintjob on this tt any justice:

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Some great pics there. That candy TT must be on airbags surely it cant drive that low.
Some really nice pics / ideas...

If the photos don't do the TT's paintjob justice, it must look stunning in person!

alot of smoothed of panels and private plates everywhere you looked, the odd over-chavved car here and there but on the whole some decent cars

and yes :D that tt's paint looked amazing
hehe the silver mk4 with the black wheels in the second last set of pics is my old car u missed the side exit exhaust though!
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