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EIP Turbo on it's way!!!

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3 weeks after picking up my R I have just secured the turbo kit I was after :D

Am meeting my 'car expert' tomorrow night to see what else I want to order and talk about time scales........can't wait!!!! Watch this space........
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Now that's very exciting news! Where have you sourced it from, I thought EIP were having trouble?
They were, I am VERY lucky!!! The chap who looks after my cars; Tim at the Phirm, one of his friends had one on order but by the time it came he had sold the car!! Lucky me, I am so excited it's untrue!!!!
One word of warning, if you value your car then i really really suggest you get someone to do a different map on it.

I speak from exeprience :(.
The Phirm are not mapping experts etc....I would talk to C2 Motorsport the guys are genius!.....
C2 are good as are VR6 Specialist in holland. It came down to both of those really, and i eventually went for vr6 specialist becuase they are closer and if needed i could take the car there, as well as they will be doing a custom map for me :)

Sorry to put a downer on this james, but if you do run the eip kit you really are likely to do some major damage. These are not just isolated occurances, its the whole reason eip went bust.
pomme, I don't quite understand what you are saying? Are you saying that if I fit an EIP turbo then I can say goodbye to the car?? I know of a few people who are running this kit and have had no problemss what so ever. As you say as long as it's fitted correctly and mapped by the right people then it should all be ok. Can you enlighten me some more?
I think the main issue is with the EIP map. Fitting shouldn't be a problem. Pomme knows the full story, but I know of 2 going pop in the UK out of the 3 that I know of.
2 been EIP mapped, and one went for a custom map and his was fine!
Yup I think Pomme means the map.....hardware is hardware..so long as its good quality...Garrett (genuine) etc...the map is the critical thing....I have gone through quite a few turbo'd engines learning!!....
Ahhhh I see!! Should not have any problems there, as I said am having a meeting to discuss tonight what the plans will be. To be honest, I have already spoken to VR6 Specialist and they were probably going to be doing the map anyway.
very jealous :D

but as others have said, dont worry about the hardware its lush but DO sort the mapping as a total priority

hit the web and readup on EIP Turbo problems.....very sobering reading
Deckedr32 said:
I think the main issue is with the EIP map. Fitting shouldn't be a problem. Pomme knows the full story, but I know of 2 going pop in the UK out of the 3 that I know of.
2 been EIP mapped, and one went for a custom map and his was fine!
Hi, I agree with Andrew and Decked. Mapping was their down fall.....I found this http://eipsucks.com/
No worries I had read all the doom and gloom way before I had decided on my R project. I always felt the kit was very good and it is all down to the installation and the mapping.
James, can I be cheeky and ask roughly what figure you'll be looking at paying all-in? Reason I ask is I'm getting seriously tempted to get some FI and want to study all the options. PM me if you'd prefer.

Thanks, Matt
Yeah the hardware is pretty much good, but the mapping is utter sh*t. Put it this way with the eip mapping the revs used to sway between 600 up to 1200 at idel, but with the new vr6 mapping it stays at bang on 800. Thtasa just one example, i really could think of others if needed.

But basically if you do put the kit on your car without changing the mapping straight away, then more then likely the car will have serious problems and you may damage an engine so needing a new one.
Id have the turbo checked out as well, read quite a few people never got the turbo's they asked for and to spec's.

Non 360 rollers, basic seals instead of double ect, loads on Vortex about it.

Cheers and good luck !!

Cheers to everyone for being concerned for me!! I have spoken to my man tonight, everything is all good. Definately a BRAND NEW kit and all in good order!! Just need to wait now for him to fit me in. Have Organised for the turbo to be done with all associated work, water injection, full decat s/s exhaust, upgraded haldex, quick shift, 6 pot brakes........once I get bored I also have ready to go uprated conrods and then to follow low comp pistons and more boost!!
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