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Email notification of replies

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Is there any way of making the forum email you each time there is a reply to a thread you have posted in by default?

I think it would encourage more replies - it seems to work quite well on uk-mkvs. :)
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i was considering implementing it, but wasnt sure if people would get annoyed. Ill set it up today :)
As long as it's a function that can be activated/deactivated then it's definately a good idea, especially for the sponsors I suppose as they may only want to know when people are directly asking them a question/replying to one of their threads.
This should be default. I often forgot which threads I replied to.
I've had it set up for a while, I think it's in your control panel section under Email or Subscriptions, you set it once and then it remembers your settings from then on...

Is this what your after?
This is what i'm after - i've found it and enabled it. It works a treat, thanks Wayne & Blackpoolr32!
No Worries Bud :)
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