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Eric Bana's 'Love the beast'

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I saw the other week a old top gear with him in it and him and Clarkson talked about this film he made so I rented it and its well worth a watch. It was about the first ever car he brought at 16 a Ford falcon XB which was a shed to start but turned into a beast with his school mates which he still hangs out with today. They got someone to do it up and got 600 bhp out of it and raced in the Targa Tasmania which I have never heard before but looked a lot of fun driving it around closed streets and the aussie bush. And Bana is such a normal down to earth guy. It seemed to me that all the acting he does is just a job to him at the end of the day. He would rather chill with his family and hang with his mates then jet off doing movies. I wont say to much more but when he was talking to Clakson and Dr Phil about this car you could see he had a lot of love for it. Got me thinking about my R32. Yes to tax and run it is a bit expensive and most of the time it sits on the drive because even to go on the shopping run cost £££££'s in fuel but do I still love it? Yes so I think ill hang on to it a bit longer. But if you get a chance watch it

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