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Right I have been looking for an exhaust for my 4motion as the baffles rattle in my standard exhaust.
performance 4 motion pipes are available but at more than I want to pay.
I will be fitting at some point a r-line bumper kit so i have started looking at R32 exhaust. (It's not going to be badged as an R32 coz it's not an R32)
I recently won a mongoose exhaust on ebay only to be told they are out of stock and not making anymore! I have been given a good price on a Blueflame cat back but my mate has just asked what gains I would get if I just used a standard R32 exhaust?
As soon as the exhaust is fitted it is going in to AMD for a remap, so my question is what would you do? standard good condition R32 exhaust about £50-£
(plenty about) or wait for a second hand milly to come up or spend £350 on the Blueflame?

Car spec is smoothed airbox with pipercross filter, decat and as soon as the exhaust is fitted it's off to AMD

Is the Blueflame going to make much difference other than sound? I know normally aspirated don't make great gains after a map,but just working out if the cost is worth it or I can put the money towards other mods?

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Is it worth it for the BHP increase ( 2-5 bhp ) no, does it stop 99% of people who modify their cars doing it though no ....
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