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Expanding Milltek!

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I didnt really believe the mechanic who fitted my milltek, but he told me that the exhaust actually expands outwards when hot and will stick out further. When installed, the pipes at the back are just about flush with the rear valence. But when hot (after being driven), I noticed the pipes were sticking out about 1cm extra, maybe more (you can read the little milltek logo on the top of the pipes when its hot). Wonder if you guys have noticed this also? Here is a picture to illustrate it on mine.

Top pictures are hot exhaust (left pipe, right pipe, both), bottom is cold exhaust.

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Can't say that I've noticed it with mine. I'll have a look later after I've been for a drive.
Sounds like something I never noticed, wonder if it is more obvious on a non-res?!
Yep, mine does exactly the same.

Sounds better when expanded too :D (or should that be louder!)
it only expands when its driven properly. ;) :D
im sure theres some serious sexual suggestions in this thread but i cant seem to spot them :D lol

mine also expands when it gets hot :D
I agree, it seems to sound less metallic and raspy once the engine has warmed a little after say 5 mins, when cold sounds a bit like the E46 M3 exhaust note.
oooohhhh errrr misses mine expands and makes me feel hot lol
Mines standard and also expands when it gets hot...ooh err! Doesn't sound as good as a non-res milltek though!
Every milltek i've owned has done it, now to worry about

These were taken hot. When cold they barely pass the valance.
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same with mine. the hotter it gets the more the stainless expands
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