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I have had a loud whining noise when the car is started from cold.This has been present for a while now. From some research, I found out that it was from the seconday air injection.

While checking the pipework, I found the centre of the main fain had broken through the casing of the secondary air pump! I have got a second hand unit but I need to find out why the fan is so close to the pump.

I do fairly regular VCDS scans and a few days ago I got a fault saying the No. 2 fan was obstructed. On further investigation, AC pipework is preventing it from turning.

I stripped the front of the car a bit this evening but can't find any cause for these issues. All panels, brackets etc look to be lined up as they should.

Would anyone have any ideas??

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Hi mate,

I came on today to post about a whiny noise on cold start too but found your post at the top of the home page, amazing!

Does yours sound like this for around 30s-1m?

It’s started to make this whining sound recently but wasn’t as whiny as before, more like a normal fan noise and definitely not like a plane engine ha.

Here’s a quick video of my sound.

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