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FAO Johnny

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Ey up mate,

I've spent some cash on MacGuires Gold soap (or whatever) and got a lamb wool glove).

There are loads of circular scratches on the paint, which is I presume from washing with a sponge and fairy liquid.

For detailing it, is it work hiring a buffer and buying some a clay bar kit? How long will it take to do? How long will the finish last?

[Edit]Bugger. I can't edit the title. Sorry for mis-spelling :$
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FAIRY LIQUID !!!!!! :015:

Mate never use fairy liquid unless you really want to strip all the wax from the car.
Jonny may say otherwise but i heard its too acidic and removes wax. Your best off with a car shampoo or even Johnsons baby shampoo which is very mild.
Only problem is the wife will think your mad washing the car in baby shampoo, but the car smells great on the outside !
Ah, let me just quickly add that I've never washed this car with fairy liquid myself, but bought the gold soap to use :) Was just mentioning that there's loads of circular scratches from previous owners... :)
hahaha @ Johnsons baby shampoo. Does it have a no more tears formula too? :)
It sounds like you have swirl marks from the previous owner washing wrongly… as you said with a sponge and fairy etc.
Your on the right lines with the gold class and wool wash mitt. You mentioned the clay - this is meant for after you have washed it.
When using the clay it will remove any built in dirt, which is stuck in the paint (you'll be amazed). After this process the paint will feel so so smooth.
For the swirl marks, you need either a Port cable or rotary polisher (rotary's are harder to use) with a polishing pad and cutting compound. I use menzerna and pinnicale products now to cut the paint down (removing swirl marks and fine scratches) then you need a glaze, sealant and finally waxes.
A detail takes me about 9-10 hours to do, so not a short process.

Any more questions… just ask..

Where do you live and how much do you charge? Rofl.
Lol, I was thinking the same thing!
Depending on how bad the car is (swirls etc) i base myself on £20 per hour.

and knowing you R owners driving fast on the mways etc.. i also do stone chips... (soon to be demo'd on Wayne's R)
He does a good job too :151:
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