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Fat Head Golf R

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Bought my Golf R a few weeks ago and so far I'm loving it

Rising blue
DCC whatever that is lol
19" black talladega

Bought it completely standard and unmolested

I came from a mk4 Golf R32 on air ride with a full respray and mods everywhere you look but it was time to move onto something a bit newer

This is what she looked like the day i bought it

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Yeah i agree with Neil, not a fan of black wheels personally, would be nice to see how it looks with silver, and also agree with Mick in that the MK4 stands out more, but it's early days like you said.. Is this getting air too or are you sticking with the springs??

P.S The logo on the mats is in a bit of a weird place, was that intentional or is that how they are on the originals??
I'm guessing it'll be rockin' the Vossen's again for UD?
I tell you what pal, when you come to sell that car, no-one will be able to say it hasn't been looked after or serviced well.
1 - 4 of 332 Posts
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