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I have get done with my swap,mk3 3.2 engine.Engine comes fom phaeton.Car works and idles very nice,but when i go to ride,then accelerates really bad and is slow.
Few codes that it shows:

VCDS Version: Beta 12.10.3
Data version: 20130228

Mode 03: Emission related fault codes

Address 10 (Engine): 12 Faults Found:
P0444 - EVAP Purge Control Valve (N80): Circuit Open
P0418 - Relay for Secondary Air Injection Pump (J299): Malfunction
P0413 - Secondary Air Injection System Valve (N112): Open Circuit
P0056 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B2 S2: Heating Circuit: Malfunction / Open Circuit
P0036 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S2: Heating Circuit: Malfunction / Open Circuit
P0276 - Fuel Injector #6 (N84): Short to Ground
P0261 - Fuel Injector #1 (N30): Short to Ground
P0267 - Fuel Injector #3 (N32): Short to Ground
P0273 - Fuel Injector #5 (N83): Short to Ground
P0270 - Fuel Injector #4 (N33): Short to Ground
P0013 - Bank 1: Camshaft B (Exhaust): Position Actuator Malfunction
P1517 - power supply relay fo ecu

Wiring looks good :S .All fuses are okay.2 lambda codes because i dont have catalytic conveter,so I have not plugged them in.I need to code out it.But why Injectors,Camshaft and relay erro?

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I used to get that on my Corrado conversion. Intermittantly it would crank for ages before firing up when hot. When checking VCDS, those same faults came up. Cleared the faults and it would drive fine again for a while.

I sold the car before getting round to sorting it but it was a power supply issue. My wiring also looked fine but clearly it wasn't because 5 injectors going down can't be anything other than a power supply problem.

You have the same issue, so it's going to be a long drawn out process of tracing all the wires and also checking any power supplies that come from the car's original wiring. Ignition switch, relays, grounds, that sort of thing.

Especially with conversions, you won't get a straight forward "Check pin XX on power track XX" type answer on a forum I'm afraid.
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