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I am just awaiting for a sample of a carbon fibre rear valance.

Im sure everyone knows how expensive and difficult it is to get the OSIR version of the rear valance from TT Shop.

Assuming the fitment is good, and the pricing I know already will be far better than what TT Shop can offer, aswell as the service
How many people would be interested in this?

Im thinking the pricing can be very competetive on either 5 or 10 minimum!!

Let me know!

Update: 28th April - Pictures

The sample came through this weekend, so I have taken pictures and fitted it to my MK5. Some points about this piece:

1/ It is fibreglass backed carbon fibre. This is for a few reasons, namely cost and fitment. For a piece of this size to be manufactured in full dry carbon or vacuum formed would be cost prohibitive considering that this is merely a vanity piece. Secondly, being fibreglass backed allows a level of flexibility in the piece which is very important for fitment.

2/ Fitment: Fitment was straight forward, a case of removing the old standard piece and slipping this one in its place. We had to make some very minor adjustments with some fine grit sand paper to some of the edge pieces to allow it to slot in place, this is one of the things that is almost a given when installing a carbon fibre piece like this.

3/ Price: price is going to depend hugely on how many people want the item. It will be ordered on a pre-order basis with an amount set down as a deposit, for security reasons as these are all made to order items.

Anyone, onto the pictures.


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Definitely interested... I've been waiting for one of these to come up! If it looks OEM regarding shape etc., and price/quality dependent like the rest of the guys then I'd be up for one (and would love to come and check out the sample if that's an option). I'm saving this page as a favourite now so please keep us posted
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