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Finally... got the ECU update!

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only taken a few months of hassle but its finally done! thanks go to the service guy at Helston garages for persevering with my case :D

gone is the hes... hesi..... hesit..... hesita...............:D
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Glad you've got it sorted :151:

Does it drive much better?
Cool, glad you got it sorted. Did you get it for free in the end?

If so kris would need to know this.
its completely free and takes 30 minutes as long as the car has warranty or extended warranty

and yes, it really does make a difference. i was really sceptical on wether i would even notice it but my god the car pulls like a damn train now! :D totally different drive with no hesitation

so so so worth getting it done!
I haven't got any main dealer warranty on mine and had to pay for it @ Helston.

It's been done a few weeks now and is much better, well worth it. At least Helston seem to be getting the idea now, they had no idea about it until I showed them reams of print outs from various forums!
i drove a few without the update when test driving ones i was looking at. then drove the one i bought with the update and it felt alot quicker and better to drive! glad you got it sorted!
Makes a huge difference, doesn't it! Sorts the power delivery between 2000 & 3000RPM right out!

Im due to have this update done next weekend at AMD, is this something they can actually do? They claim that they have done it before many times, but ive never heard of any of you mention anywhere but a stealer to get it done?
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