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Fine weather = bikers....

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Noticed last week that we already have a few english reg. bikes on the Island depsite the fact that the TT is still a month away. Had to make a quick run up to the North of the Island to a job and took the road over the hills as the weather was great. Cue three bikes doing 60-80 when I wanted to be doing 80+... :) Got the first two after a mile or so on the inside of a long sweeping bend and the other (who had a pillion) half a mile later. Gave them a thumbs up as I went past at ~110 :xD
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yeh, bike racing is good, theyrv got it on the straights but when it gets twisty you can reel them in.
yeah you two are driving gods(cough wanks cough)...:eek:
hey guys ,
if you can reel in a biker he ain't trying honest ....:xD
No sp1 these two are real good you know the kind that think they have done well be passing guys on roads they know but the guys don't...cough,must get some mixture for that....
on corners?? can easily keep up with bikers on corners! You havnt got to be a driving god either! Cars can change direction alot qwicker than a bike!
Oh, I know they weren't trying - they didn't know the roads and they were getting in my way!
mine were tryin and I still whooped them. Im a driving god.
yeah they really need better pizza hut delivery riders ya bawbag!!!:xD
it was one of these....
are they qwick? He looked like he was trying...

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hehehehehehehe I bet e doesn't pay 400 shekels for road tax..the chaaant!!!anyway i ENDED UP HERE ON SAT SO THATS MY GAS AT A PEEP...
hey guys ,

all views aside yep bikes have to "slow" down in the corners but overall a 7k gixxer 1000 in the hands of a medium experienced rider will hand a car owners his @rse everytime ....

still ......wish i lived on the "isle" ,boy i could do with the roads and no limits or cops ..... Jaycee you are one lucky son of a .....

berto is that you in the kitty litter ? if so how does the bike look ?
It's not quite as shiney as it was...oooops!

Damage nothing, footpeg/brake lever so got back out for next session ok and luckily Jacksons of Kelty paint the bikes as sponsorship so no cost to be shiney again....:xD
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Nice ride, but still two wheels too few!

And yes, its great having the delimited mountain section of the TT course for a good blat - especially in the good weather.

A mate of mine had a 748 Duc and was passed by a tourist biker a coupla years ago on a lap of the course (open roads...) so he had to retake him and stay ahead. Met him after he got home and he had worn off half his titanium slider on his right boot.... :eek:
went for a drive yesterday evenin and came to a junction to turn right...check both ways...i go to pull out and catch a glimpse of 2 bikers comin over the brow of a hill (with the sun setting just above it) about 150m to the right at 90+ mph in national speed. i slammed on the brakes and ended half way across the road....and still the bikers had the nerve to shake their heads as they went past as if i had done it deliberatley! i would have no sympathy for them if they slammed into another car at the next junction, i would feel more for the poor person who killed them/damaged his car.... im sure 99% of bikers arnt like them but this time of year must be the most dangerous for bikers.
also for comparison if you take the pinnacle of 2 wheels (moto gp) and the pinnacle of 4 wheels (f1) then the bike is 10 secs a lap slower round silverstone :xD
It's always dangerous if you take chances but sometimes even the open quiet country roads can cause a wee bit of nippy pain:crying::crying:
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i hear you chris,

whether it's summer/ winter a bike is a dangerous place to be if your a [email protected] ...and more so for the other person ( depending) on road position etc, etc.

some times bike owners forget just how fast their bikes are and don't fully allow for the road conditions , junctions etc,

Berto has the right idea as after a year of track duty with my R1 that is where the majority of big bikes should be as it is only there you can explore the sheer power of these bikes ,

hence i have sold the race bike and bought a twin road bike, still fast but not "berto bike" fast ....

p.s berto i have had a k6 1000 and it was ace just a licence loser !:xD

ouch , that looks painful !
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I sold my bike because I feared for my licence and my life.There are some crazy riders out there,but equally there sre some shite car drivers.
To put it in perspective though a reasonably good bike rider will be very hard to catch on all but the most twisty road.
As for F1 versus moto gp look at the difference in cost,and compare now F1 has lost some driver aids?
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