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First post just registered and bought R32

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Hello all fellow R32 owners and well wishers,
I've recently bought an R32 and love it, I'll be reading through the posts and seeing if anything helpful comes to light all being well.
I have a quick question to ask if I may.
Yesterday when I drove the car the little red light indicator at the drivers window was on and I thought ..... awww....thats the first time I've seen that looking nice and bright in the day time (and thought it looked pretty cool) but today, No Light ?!!?

Just wondered if it was something that was activated or had a trick to it.

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Welcome to the forum Jon,

Sounds like you are talking about the LED light in the door which usually flashes when the alarm is set. I'm sure I remember a few people mention that a fault with this, ie. it staying on all the time. It should be covered under warranty.
Cheers Matt and a fellow Kent based owner - nice one. I'll keep my on the LED light and might mention to the Stealership.
Welcome along :ciao:

Ownership just gets better and better!
Welcome to the forum Jon, hope you're enjoying the 3.2 litres of fun!
Evening all

Just a quick post to say hello, I'm about to join you lucky lot with a new addition to my family, a black '06 R32, and I cannot wait!

Just got 13,500 miles and in absolutely mint condition. Drove it for the first time on Sunday (twice!) and the smile has not left my face!

I'm an ex RX8 driver and just could not believe the power of the R32, amazing. I take delivery Friday, any tips from you lot?

Enjoy the car when you get it, make sure you give it a proper inspection under proper light.

Welcome to the forum and welcome the club :top:
Welcome to the forum XIONS, excellent choice of colour!

:stupido2:Tip of the day: Never sit down with a light-bulb in your back pocket.


Tokyo aka James
Hi Xions, welcome to the forum

Tip? Rev the sh*t out of it and listen to that growl.
Thanks everyone, I have had it a week today and love it. Every time I start the motor I cannot belive the growl, class! Even washed it after 3 days and now realise what a ball ache the wheels are to clean!!
If you want a quick wheel clean I find a pressure washer does a good job. You just have to attack each wheel from multiple angles and don't wear your best clothes!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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