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First service (10k) due on MkV. Advice needed!

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I've just passed 10k! The car's informed me I'm due for a service soon. Where should I take it? Main dealers or someone like APS? Should I get the oil changed? If so what should I put in it? Anything else I should do?

Incase you haven't guessed, I'm clueless! Any advice appreciated :ciao:
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dave, had my first service not that long ago but I'm pretty clueless and don't know many garages around my area so went to the stealers. Oil was changed and that was about it! Was around £185 all in as they weren't charging VAT that month!
Get mine done by a friend who is an independent; already had oil changed twice (now has 11.5k on it). I'm all for twice yearly changes on a new engine just to keep things sweet; as for what else needs doing...?
I tend to go to the stealers for services then VAG Tech for any work I need doing.
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