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Fixing a deep scratch

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Well 2 and half weeks into owning my .:R and someone has gone and scratched it in the car park at my work, probably with their bag. I'm not sure how deep the scratch is, although there's white showing through (my car is mkv black pearl), which i presume is the primer. I'm absolutely gutted :( Anyone got any recommendations on how best to fix it.....?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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:( gutted for you mate

sounds like your down to the primer yeah, if its big enough to get your fingernail in then its more than likely going to need filler

if its not too bad then you could always try companies that do on the spot repairs, in the yellow pages

or treat it as a casualty of war and take it to a spray shop and get some things colour coded at the same time

mines covered in some deep scratches but i'm holding on for a few more "tesco badges" then i'm treating the car to some colour coding at the same time
I've tried bit of scratch x on it, and it's taken the edge off it but it's still noticeable (probably only to me!). Probably gonna get it fixed soon so if anyone knows a good spot repair company near Glasgow then let me know!
Problem with scrachX is that it takes out big stratches to a certain point and then leaves micro scratches in it's place.

Best way to get rid of it will be wet sanding 1500-2000grit, then hit it with the PC.

Just noticed your in glasgow mate. I'm in helensburgh, so if want me to take a look drop me a PM or an email.

As ali says it wont do bit scratches.

Probably worth getting one of the repair kits from halfords and a load of wet and dry sand paper and do it that way - or if your lazy like me take it to the body shop, annoying but does save loads of time especially in the cold english weather :(
Cheers for the replies! Have been recommended a specialist mobile repairer near me, saves me the hassle of sanding and buying a pc!
Yeah that sounds the best idea, hope he does a good job :)
To be fair as pomme cars, bodyshops are your best bet if your at all anal about paintwork! I get my front end resprayed everyyr by one of the best shops in scotland, always perfect. Wouldn't have it any other way!
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