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flapper mod

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Can anyone tell me if you gain anything from doing this mod is it just for the sound from the exhaust . once you have done it is there any chance it will put your light on.:driver:
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it's will make the exhaust note pronounced throughout the entire RPM range and has been know to net 4hp... but that's not written in stone... as far as throwing a cel, you shouldn't get one. the only thing you might see is a soft code if you vag it, but that's about it. hope that helps.
it wont put any lights on aslong as you have blocked the vacum pipe ok.the ecu wont know any diffrent aslong as thats blocked as it is doing the same job!!

theres people that say it adds 10 bhp or there abouts but there un tested!!your best buying a milltek mate.i got mine on yesterday and its the bomb!!!:rock:
^ don't mean to jack the thread, but I was thinking of going w/ Millitek aswell, how's the sound?
Milltek is awesome mate, try this link and have a listen to mine that has sports cat and non resonated system.

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As above, it's the best modification I've ever done to any car, well worth the money for the nose alone, makes every tunnel more of a joy! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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