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Hey all, not really sure how to describe this one. I've got an intermittent noise when starting the car, as well as powering down, which can only be described as a fog horn style noise which slowly gets higher pitched toward the end. It sounds like air in the system and is slowly escaping. Funnily enough, my combi-boiler at home made a similar noise when we had air in the system. Noise only lasts for around 3-4 seconds.

This is more noticeable from inside the car, and can be heard coming from either the rear of the car (around the area of the middle of the rear seats), or from the front of the car. Difficult to pinpoint it better than that since I can't replicate, and I'm in the drivers seat

I thought maybe this might be some kind of EVAP pressure release, but I have no codes and output tests appear to check out.

Doesn't appear to be causing any performance related issues, but it's certainly a weird noise. I don't believe I'm searching for the right things, or I just have an odd ball here, but I've not found anything else similar being reported.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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