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For the money...what do you think of these?

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waste of money or a nice cheap bit of simplicity? i know you get what you pay for and all that but for the money what do you think of this:

200w RMS component kit with VW fitting kit allowing this upgrade to be reversible and custom fit so the vehicle will look totally standard.

A pair of special speaker spacers and wiring convertors mean you do not have to drill new holes or cut off existing wiring as these simply plug over them and straight in to new speakers. The tweeters fit behind the wing mirrors where they are now and these have to be siliconed or gummed in place. Full fitting instructions are included and its about 1.5-2hrs work.

The speakers themselves are from the Pyle Gear range so the woofers are made of polypropylene unlike the standard 30watt paper items and have rubber surrounds so will not perish. The crossovers and tweeters are also top quality and sound so much clearer and more natural with a much improved bass response due to the higher power handling

£70 delivered

thoughts? :itsme:
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Mate you have a £££ head unit but want to spend ££ on speakers. Simply i dont think it works, it would be like putting Nankang tyres on the R. Peronsonally i think it would be better spent saving the £70 for a better set :)
maybe i should be a little clearer, i'm putting my old 6disc oem head unit into my gti (which the mrs now uses) and thought while i was at it i could upgrade her noise too, a little treat as it were.

i just dont know enough about brand names etc when it comes to ice nor what i should be looking for really

i just saw this package for £70 and it seemed reasonable
another point, surely these should be better than the originals considering the power of them maybe?
no no no no.

Much better options for the money.

Power handling figures are to be taken with a pinch of salt on budget speakers, there are no rules on how they have to be rated.

You can get some Alpine ones for that money, and the fitting kit is an autoleads part only about £10.

rms is the only figure u should take any notice of im very suprised theyr rated at 200 w rms i thought decent components were more like 70 ish???
fancy educating me a little then as to what will fit where then front and back (its a 5dr)? i dont want to spend serious, the sound in the car is ok, but i want her to have more oomf and depth with a bit of quality without breaking the bank. ie what speakers will go in size wise, any adaptors or leads needed etc

Looking at this site mate: http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product_list.php?filter_manufacturer_id=3

There are alot of nice alpine units which i would have thought would be better.

Or these jl audios : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JL-AUDIO-TR650CXI-6-5-TR-SERIES-CAR-AUDIO-SPEAKERS-UK_W0QQitemZ150203511619QQihZ005QQcategoryZ18799QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

If she wants a bit more bass mate ill be selling my jl 10w and 250/1 sub as well as the boot build if you/she would be interested?

i have these all round my .:R and they sound really good! you get speakers, crossovers and tweeters! and some nice flat vibe speaker cable check them out here mate


as for the speaker adaptors cables inc i got them from here


hope this is of some use pal :tee:

ps. your pm is full tried to send it to your pm

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No No how could you!! That would drown out the music from the back!!

What you need is a high resolution microphone mounted on the centre rear bumper (advantage MkV) and hook it up to a pair of these through a big amp. Now that would sound good - No?



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N13KKF said:
ps. your pm is full tried to send it to your pm
oops, been getting a bit busy :call: i've flushed the chain now :151:

Space said:
No No how could you!! That would drown out the music from the back!!

What you need is a high resolution microphone mounted on the centre rear bumper (advantage MkV) and hook it up to a pair of these through a big amp. Now that would sound good - No?

:laugh: the milly is loud enough for me already, although do already have an alpine sub snuggled into the wheel well although can hardly hear it when the choonage gets cranked!
6 inch componenets all round matey, go for focal spaeakers theyre amazing jls sound very bright, although jl subs and amps are the nuts (obviously all my opinion) i work in the biz and from my experience uve got to listen around, tastes vary so much when it comes to audio equiptment.
ps id have rainbow or infinity over alpine anyday, again alpine sounds quite bright as with there head units, pioneer has a much richer sound in the head units again my opininon. although im using an alpine at the moment haha
Is anyone running the JL audio c5 set up in the front.. I had a test with a golf 4 with dynamatted doors and this set up properly installed and the sound and staging was mind blowing.. I think im definatly going to put these in my .:R . Also has anyone managed to get an 8" - 10" flush fitted into one of the rear quarter panels ?
we have done a couple with boxes flush on the left side of the boot just need to choose the right speaker that will work in a small enclosure.

The C5's are very impresive speakers, and would not hesitate to recomend

Jonnyr32 has the right idea. I had fitted in my 25th anniversary before it got written off was Focal components front and rear and amps being run from a pionner 6.5inch dvd touch screen and the sound was unreal!! The bass was flippin mental and so clear from these speakers. Ok, so there not cheap and would be to much for just your simple afternoon upgrade but always worth considering for your R. I've still got to get round to putting them in my r. Summers on its way so gotta get moving.

I found that these speakers could handle most of everything without sounding like a chav!
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