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Front Bora Fogs finally fitted (",)

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Finally got my fog lights fitted to my car after alot of mucking about with them got a few minor adjustments to do with the horn sounders but alls good need to get matching lamps to the headlights if anyone can hed me in the right direction but heres a few pics

the night shots a bit glarey will try for a better 1 when i find camera instead of phone

Nick :marchmellow:
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Looks good Nick :) glad to see you got them on, well done mate

Wow Nick looks very nice indeed.

Thanks for the picture message that you sent me regarding the sneaky peak,lol.

Have you got high discharge bulbs in the fog lights ?

Catch you later mate
liking that :biggrin: how did you suss the brackets in the end? mine wont be going on now due to other plans
cheers paul,

thats ok james, im running some Xenon Hid vision day/night H3 55watt but there not the right colour any idea what is the same as the headlight?

Vc it was a right pain in the arse mate! had to fix the light to the grill using Shit loads of Tetrosyl joint sealer as the lights didint fit right to the grill and you would see the light shining thru the honeycomb, then used more of it to hold grill to bumper and made up a bracket using a flexi ribbon thing the plumbers use at work to hold it firm, bumpers gota come off again due to the horn sounding wrong as ive moved there positioning and now it sounds a bit gay haha il get some pics of the rear. wot you planning VC? supercharged?
I've been working on an alloy bracket that will screw to the metal rebar underneath the bumper.

Its virtually just a bit of right angle 3mm plate - about 45-50 mm up to the rebar and about 60mm back over the light, with 95mm width. Then you just need two 3mm thick washers between the bottom of the plate and the foglight screw mounting holes (this is so the curve in the middle of the foglight clears the underside of the plate.

That is the basic dimensions and you just need to chop little bits out here and there off the edges of the plate to clear the outer grill clips and the horn mounting bolt flange...only 5 to 10 mm

Just getting the final measurements and alignment right but looks like it will work well and be very solid. The end of the rebar is dead flat above where the foglight will sit, so the alloy bracket sits perfectly flush behind it - just need to cut out about 10mm off one end slightly to clear where the rebar metal doubles over.

The fogs will stay in position when you take off the bumper too.

This was my preferred method to mount as we also have a plastic duct on the drivers side going to the extra radiator (like the US one) and the foglight is actually too wide to just slip into it, if it was mounted to the bumper.

I'm going to have to cut a slot or something at the bottom of it for the foglight plug in any case.

In regards to the horns, I have found out that the Bora R has specific horns just for it, but they use the same horn brackets as we have.:shot:

I actually found a picture of a crashed Bora R on a Chinese website and you can see the horns in the picture and it looks like they just have different plugs on them. They might be a bit smaller too to clear the light.

There are some different brackets listed for the TDI Golfs which I am investigating.

....or one could just persuade the brackets a bit....but I like OEM:stupido2:

Those lights look HOT!!! :)
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I just got mine today, any idea how to wire them?
I got two harnesses, one with 3 wires and a relay, and the other with fog light plugs and two wires on the other end.
Just dont have a clue where the wires should go.
I cant wait to fit them, will think about the brackets when I take off the bumper. VW should come up with something-those bastids!!!!
Very Cherry said:
liking that :biggrin: how did you suss the brackets in the end? mine wont be going on now due to other plans
Oh my god... he returns!

Fogs look great ;-)
davefish said:
Oh my god... he returns!

Fogs look great ;-)
That's what I thought initially but look at the date? Yep, I agree nice job on the fogs there :top:
Really into them. I thought they'd look gash, but they actually kind of finish off the front end.... something I didn't think the R needed. Top work
Does anybody have part numbers for the connectors used to wire up the fogs? I've found out that you need two different connectors rather than just the one listed in ETKA as the socket on the fogs are keyed on different sides.

Also, what needs doing to the horns?

BTW I already have the brackets sorted, they are built into my bumper ;) :five:
The connector for the foglights is 1J0 973 722

The 2 Bora R foglights I have (which are the same as Lupo - 6H0941507A and 6H0941508A) have the same plug on both.

The genuine Bora R has the same horn brackets as our R32, but they have different horns!

I am looking at some brackets off of the TDI that has the front mount intercooler (the ARL engine, I believe) as the brackets are different on them to clear the intercooler piping.

Still waiting for someone on ukmkivs to post up a pic of them...unfortunately NO Mk IV TDIs were ever sold in Australia!...so I can't just pop down the scappy for a look.

EDIT: Correct number on my foglights are 6H0941607A and 6H0941608A...bad eyes!
Where are you reading the part numbers for the lights from? The part numbers on the back covers of my lights are 6H0941607A and 6H0941608A, so slightly different to yours. Your part numbers don't work on my ETKA.

Can the brackets for the horns from the Bora R be ordered? I can try and take a look at my friends 150 TDI (not sure which engine code that is) but sure it has a FMIC.
Sorry about that...I read the number wrong!..mine are the same as yours, but I can definitely fit that same connector to both housings.

As I said the brackets for the Bora R horns are the same as ours...the horns themselves are different.

The front mount intercooler pipe on the ARL engine code TDI runs straight through where the horn on ours is, so the low tone horn bracket (the lower horn) at least moves the horn back and up a bit.

I don't know why the hightone horn bracket is different yet...haven't seen one....would love a pic if you can get a look at one.

I was going to use the TDI lowtone bracket and then extend the upper bracket using the old straight low tone bracket - that should push both horns back a bit...

....or you could just bend the brackets!
Ok, can the different horns be purchased? :aetsch:

He's a photo of the connectors on my fogs, note they look the same apart from the locking tab is on different sides so can be made to work with the same connector, just that I want to do things right.

Also, inside the cover the +ve/gnd connections are different depending on which light you are looking at.
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Thats the weirdest thing I've ever seen!!!!!

Comparing your housings to mine, the left one in the pic is the same. (the back hatch of the light has 6H0 941 608A cast into it)

On the right my plug socket is cast onto the housing the other way up with the flat at the top and the tab on the outside! (the back hatch on this light has part number 6H0 941 607A cast on it). i.e. the plug casting is flipped around 180 degrees as you look at it!

Therefore the same plug fits on both of mine as I advised before.

On my main housing parts (the part with the fog lens) printed on the top I have these numbers:

Left in your photo: 6H0 941 700A
Right in your photo 6H0 941 699A

Other than that right side plug everything else looks the same - clips in same place etc.

Looks like you can order the rear cap separately as a spare part.

Again, the rear cap I have which is different to yours is 6H0 941 607 A (going on the foglight in the right side of your picture - which is actually the left front foglight)

The horns are only listed on the China market ETKA, but you may be able to order them from VW...or try some of those Hong Kong ebayers that sell genuine parts...they have been able to supply me with weird stuff like this before, because they can order it locally.

The Bora R horns also have different plug connectors as well.

I found a picture of a wrecked Bora R once on some Chinese site and the horns look identical otherwise - maybe on a Bora there is enough clearance from the foglights because the bumper possibly juts out more (like the nose of the Bora is longer than the Golf if you know what I mean,i.e. the front grill is further away from the horn bracket when its mounted)

I probably wouldn't worry about chasing them up...they might just have a different tone or something...who knows.
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Maybe i'll try ordering another rear cap then to see if they changed for some reason. Maybe this is a factory b grade or something? Or a Chinese copy? I'll give the dealers a call this morning.

I trial fitted the fogs last night and its close but I think the left side fog will just about clear the horns with a bit a manipulation.

Thanks for the help Graeme.
So your light has the same numbers as mine?

Very strange. My lights came from the local VW dealer about a year ago.

It would be very unusual for VW to change a part design like this and keep the same part number.

These lights are off a Lupo originally, so you might be able to get a cap off a scappy cheap, especially if the lens is smashed or something.
I've ordered a new back cover today (6H0 941 607 A) as it was only £6.35+vat so though i'd give it a go. Should have it tomorrow.
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