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Front Bumper Removal

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Hi all i am thinking of removing my front bumper and having it repainted over the winter anyone give me some idea of how difficult this is ? Thanks Bill
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got to say the answer is all dependant on your skill level. its not a tough job but does take some time when you do things carefully.

you will benefit from a second pair of hands but dont be afraid of it though
Yeah a second pair of hands is very very helpful just to pull it off, but otherwise it is actually quite easy once you have done it or see it done.
does any one have a how to for removing the r32 front as i need to do it tomorrow so i can get at my headlamps

remove these 5 hex screws

remove these two left-side hex-screws attaching the rockguard

remove these two (2) right-side hex-screws attaching the rockguard

remove this nut from the left-side

remove this nut from the right-side

the Right & Left wheel wells also have seven hex-screws per-side. they line the front and lower edges

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You'll need to remove the headlamp washer covers before you do it though, i haven't looked into it but i'd imagine they clip on and off :)
i gotta remove my bumper later, does anyone know how you remove the headlight washers, or had db comfirmed this as above? :confused:
As far as i'm aware you pull them up manually, albeit gently, and they should slide of or clip off.
Hello mate fortunatly for u i've just reccently done this,,
Grip the washer cover and pull the whole washer till its exposed from the bumper (ie as if it would be when it sprays) then grip the body of the washer and you'll see how the cover clips on !!! get a flat head screwdriver and out of the to retaining clips prize one side off then the other the clip will then come free.. Don't be heavy handed when doing this because it'll be a right pain if you break a bit of the cover....
When the clip is removed let the washer body slide back into the housing don't worry it won't completely disapear it sits just flush with the bumper and is quite easy to grip and pull out to refit caps... ok then bumpers free to unfasten and remove.. hope this helps
Its nice and easy to do had mine off 3 times so far :)
Cheers ppl again this site came to the rescue! together we will work as 1 to stop people shelling out £108 ph for VW ridiculous labour charge!! :xD
Ive just used this guide to take my bumper off, very usefull and it only took 15 mins max!
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