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Hello everyone

A little bit of advice if you don't mind....

A numpty with a tow bar reversed in to the front of my Mk5 last week.

The magic of insurance means that even with a non-fault claim my premium is increased by about £75, and that's on record for 5 years...so little bit of maths, I reckon I have to go without insurance claim, with any luck he'll agree but even if not I'm better off in the long run.....

Anyway, rant over, the grill... It was the lightest little touch, but it's sent a hairline crack down from just underneath the emblem

Excuse the dead bugs, needs a clean, and can of Raid mounted on the grill.

You could live with the crack, and it doesn't seem to be extending but who here would???

I took it to my local bodyshop, and they wil repair the grill (I know the cost of the new grill) but quoted me £100 to do it. I don't want to sound cheap or anything, but for a little bit of plastic weld, maybe some fibreglass on the back and silver paint, seems a little pricey???? What do you think?? Shop around a bit?

Alternatively, the cracking guide on here to remove the grill (thanks to users there) means I could at least do that myself. Is it something a patient, carfeful novice could try and repair?

Just to weigh in on the calculations, the bodyshop did offer to cover up some of the scarier stone chips on the bonnet for me for free.

I guess, what would you do?



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Like hell would I pay £100 for some one to fix a small crack. Do it your self mate. Fibre glass the back, fill the front sand it down and spray it. Fibre glass and resin is cheap, so is filler and three rattle cans

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