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Full Milltek Exhaust

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Well folks, the day has come. my Baby had the High-Flow cats & Free Flow Manifolds fitted today with cruise control. Back in april she had the Non-Resonated Cat Back System.

Anyway I now have the full exhaust system and she sounds lovely :lollypop:

Just thought I would share that with ya all

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very nice.

did you notice any differnce in performance without a remap?
Yes I would say that the pick up is better and pulls a little harder. Next year Jan / Feb I will have the Car Remap (Custom) by West Tuning. But before that happens I need to get

Haldex Upgrade
Short Shifter
Full Service
Not Yet, Only picked the car up tonight @ 7pm. will get some soon
who did the work for you zirconium, glad your pleased mate!
a local company called JMR, he is really good
is that the same JMR that tune aircooled vws?
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