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Gearbox (clutch?) woes

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Hi all,

My MkIV is unwell - coming back from sainsburys last night and engine braking into 1st produced the most awful noise - sounded like a high pitched metallic grating noise which fell with engine revs. This morning it's making the same noise, but only in first gear with the clutch out as revs fall below about 2k (i.e. as you're slowing but before you press the clutch in).

I thought it might be the flywheel, but then surely the same noise would happen in other gears at the same rpm?

Any ideas from the R32OC assembled expertise? I'm going to have to take it to the stealers, but god only knows how much they'll sting me for anything to do with the gearbox - is it an engine out job with a MkIv R?:angry:
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Engine braking using 1st gear! :eek:

Ouch, poor car.

Sorry, no help on the technical side. But 1st gear is much lower than 2nd, so generally not a good idea to use it for engine braking IMO.

Good luck, my advice is to take it to an independent specialist. Just use main dealers for keeping the book stamped at service time.
Sorry to hear about your problem ....I don't know what it is...but where abouts are you as some one on here may know of a VW specialist in your area rather than going to the stealers
Cheers guys - yeah, I know - I don't usually use 1st for engine braking (honest!), which makes me wonder if it's always been like this but I just haven't noticed before now - sounds *really* bad though, and not like the kind of thing it would be a good idea to leave - can just picture the whole gearbox letting go at speed - ouch.

Independent specialist (Awesome?) sounds like a good idea - if it makes it that far:frustrated: (currently in central London) Any ideas about whether it would be an engine out job to get at the gearbox? Really can't afford that at the moment....
Hiya and firstly welcome to the forum.

It doesnt sound nice and i wouldnt think it was your flywheel as why is it only doing it in first??? Seems strange but as said try and take it somewhere to get it looked at.

These guys seem to get good recomendations:

and would be a little closer to you then awesome which are in manchester.
Thanks Pomme - and thanks for the link - will try them first.
Try http://www.vagtech.co.uk/

they are sponsors on here.

They are in Leighton Buzzard about 50 miles from London according to the AA.
Hi Ben, welcome to the forum

Sorry to hear about your car woes.

If you aren't sure about taking it too far then these guys are in West Thurrock AmD Technik

Could be a few things....clutch release bearing....etc when it reaches a certain rpm or frequency...
You sure its coming from the bellhousing of the gearbox?
Hope you get it sorted....engine out is the longest but easiest way to do it.....bit of a pain in the arse getting the box etc on....but can be done with engine in....
Thanks chaps - will post an update when I've found out what's making it sound like an Estonian boiler factory.....
is it popping out of 1st or hard to get in/out?
No - it's feels fine getting into first and once it's in, as long as you're on the gas. As soon as you ease off the gas and revs fall it starts to sound really unhappy. It's doing my head in - hate feeling like something's badly wrong with my pride and joy, and dreading how much it's going to cost to put it right :-(
Hi Ben, I have the exact same problem I noticed it yesterday as I was coming up to a junction only happens in 1st aswel when the clutch is up, and off exhilaration It's driving me crazy!!
Iv had a mate who is a VW specialist look at it today briefly and he seems to think it's gearbox related, but hard to say without taking the gearbox out I suppose, but I'm going to get a second opinion I'll keep you posted on any updates.
I have GQV gearbox`s if you need a replacement box plus a used Sachs uprated clutch if you need any parts.
Ok cool cheers, how much are gear box's? And are they new or reconditioned?
GQV gearbox is £450 plus delivery which depends on the post code. The gearbox`s have been removed from a Mk4 Golf R32 , they are not new or reconditioned. Reconditioned gearbox will be about £1000.
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Ok thanks a lot mate, I'll bear that in mind.
Just want to get to the bottom of it, and get it sorted so It's all up and running well for the summer
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