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Standard R32 Gearbox
1st - 31mph
2nd - 51mph
3rd - 72mph
4th - 96mph
5th - 123mph
6th - 147mph

[background=yellow]DRP[/background] VR6 Gearbox
1st - 30mph
2nd - 49mph
3rd - 72mph
4th - 95mph
5th - 122mph
6th - 144mph

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I only just know what you guys are on about, i am such a newb. Lucifer is there actually anything on your car that it was born with?! :)
Good to know you've got gearboxes in stock. I'll relax about the odd clunk mine makes then, and as they say in Formula 1 about the rain, don't worry about it until its on the tarmac!
Good to know there is such a huge wealth of experience here!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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