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Genuine Zolders

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Alright guys,

I am looking for Genuine Zolders for a MK5, In reasonable condition at least provided the price is right.

Idea being i want to keep my omanyt wheels for the summer and zolders for the winter.
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I still have mine in the garage and am looking to sell them at some point, however it looks like they have been refurbished in the past and could do with a new refurb - they're okay tho, I think one had a very slight buckle but as far as I'm aware that kind of thing would be fixed as part of a refurb process.

I can understand they are not in the condition you are looking for but if you're interested let me know.
Alright mate,

If you can PM me some pictures and i'll take a look that would be sound.

What do you mean a buckle ? Slight Kerb or ?

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