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Give me ideas....

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Hi people

I need some fresh ideas as to what I can do to my car.... Currently I have all the polishes, compound and waxes you can imagine and although there's always room for more, I need some ideas as to what I can do to 'improve' the 'R' ..... Things like a panel filter for starters, or things I can take apart to clean an put back together in better condition or other upgrades but none too expensive for now like a non res exhaust. Just nice mods or things to tidy up.....
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Throttle body cleaning.... Does it have any noticeable benefits/worthwhile and how easy is itto do?
I don't mean just cleaning. I meant that I have that many cleaning products that I'm bored as such with cleaning an want ideas on things to improve... Eg like someone suggested throttle body, better panel filter, carbon wrap parts etc.
Look after your car an it looks after you
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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