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I recently brought some poor boys black hole an prima amigo , dodo juice tropical red mist , my question is where do these fit in with my cleaning siquence
Auto glym shampoo
Super resin polish
Hd wax


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I have some poor boys and red mist, I usually -

Born to be mild wash
Some times clay bar sometime not
wash again
Dodo super resin Polish
Poor boys GLAZE
Supernatural Wax
Then at least 24 hours after waxing or for a weekly maintenance wash use the red mist

Hope this helps bud

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My maintenance routine is as follows.

1. Snow foam pre wash. Valet pro with lance
2. Wash, Dodo juice Supernautural, R222 auto wash, megs lamb mitt, two bucket method, Valet pro inch brush
3. clean wheels, Iron x
4. Megs clay kit
5. Dry
6. AG tar remover ( for stubborn tar the clay misses )
7. Polish, Scholl concept S30+
8. IPA wipe down ( If needed )
9. Megs no 7 glaze
10. Dodo Juice supernatural wax
11. gtechniq wheel armour
12. gtechniq T1 tyre dressing
13. gtechniq glass polish and sealant
14. AG rubber conditioner
15. final inspection with Red mist.

After driving the car ill have a zip round with a QD the Red mist just to top things back up. Glaze is used to introduce a "wet" look to the car, add gloss and depth. The red mist is a QD that has minor waxing capabilities. Great for a quick top up but thats about it. I do use it, its a handy quick product. just dont use it on a windy day!! lol

I'll be doing a correction detail on the R soon with a machine polisher. I'll post up a detailed over view of the process
hope this helps bud
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