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I hope you'll all forgive me for posting this in Events as it's not strictly an event.

I used to be a member of mini2.com and those guys did an awful lot of meets of different sizes and types. I reckon R32OC is getting big enough to do similar things, so:

I've recently been go karting a couple of times and reckon it's a fantastic way to hone your car control and prove that you're a better driver than your mates...or fellow car nuts. I'm always looking for people to go along and think it would be fun to get a group from this site down to a circuit for a race.

Costs vary, but for around an hour's race (+ practice) think £50 - £100ish, depending on circuit and numbers.

I would like to gauge interest in an event on the last Sunday of this month, either in London or Andover (which is centralish). Both are indoors (time of year etc). I would do all the organisation.

If you'd be interested, please post your name and the circuit(s) that you'd be prepared to make it to, in order of preference. Cut and paste list as usual please peeps.

1. Baradona (London; Andover)
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