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I'm a returning member, had a Mk5 R32 new back on 2009 and then moved on to the Mk6 R (before moving on again).

I bought the above around the middle of last month. Quite a big to do list on this so will take a while due to the cost. Plan is to keep it mostly stock, I wanted a V6 agan before they were all priced off the road. It's a 2nd / 3rd car, I have a caddy van for work and a Mk7 Golf R as a second 'project'. - All are auto's as my arthritic knees can't be trusted with driving a manual transmission every day.

Issues to sort on the R32 to get it back to where it should be.

Missing recent service information - my aim is to get the following done by the end of November - Haldex, DSG, brake fluid and a full service to get on top of the mechancials.​
Rust to both front arches, a lot of stone chips to the front bumper, mirror caps and bonnet, the bonnet ones have been touched in with a different shade of blue​
There is a dent in the hatch lid and the paint as a whole could do with a good polish​
Front grill badge has been changed for a black version - looks wrong so that will be replaced with the standard chrome look one​
4 almost matching tyres (3 Goodyear F1s and a Bridgestone I think) - I'll change them all for Michelin Pilot Sport 4S as 3 of them are below 4mm anyway​
The Omanyt wheels are not too bad although the barrels do have some rust coming through in patches - I will get them refurbed before I swap the tyres​
VW emblems are missing on a couple of the wheel centres - Have got 2 on their way​
Exhaust has been changed for a res delete (no middle silencer) - I plan to change for a cat back two silencer system​
Rear subframe, suspension arms, shock mounts etc all pretty rusty, 3 springs also rusty (one spring has been replaced recently it appears) - I plan to renew the lot in time.​
Rear drivers side door lock module faulty and electric window not working.​
Windscreen surround - signs of delamination to the glass - I'll get a new one put in in the spring - I'll get through the gritting season first.​
After collecting the car I found the one of the front driveshaft CV bots was split - this one will be a priority​
Rubber sleeves to brake hoses are splitting - I'll get braided hoses put on.​
DSG gearstick surround cracked / damaged - I've ordered one for Ali Express to see what that is like.​
No front car mats - I've ordered a set of those.​
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Our original R32 - wasn't even a year old when this was taken.

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Welcome back to the OC.

I do not understand the mentality of replacing springs or tyres on one side of an axle.

Good work putting everything right.

More and more the door lock modules seem to be hitting an age where they are giving up, I've had a couple go recently.

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Cheers, the door lock module looked a right pain to get to so I wasn't lookng forward to sorting that.

Since picking up the car it's spent a few weeks at the spray shop to sort out the rust issues. I wanted to get those sorted quickly incase there were hidden issues behind the wings or with the cills.

The car ended up having 2 new genuine wings and the bonnet, front bumper, cill covers and mirror caps painted along with the cill threshold as there were a fair number of small areas of rust breaking through the paint there, front lights polished up (found a broken plastic tab on one of the lights so that was plastic welded). Advanced rust was spotted in the bracket that supports the front crash bar so a new one of those was fitted too.

The garage also replaced the door locking module whilst the door skins were off, replaced the wheel arch liner to the nearside as the existing one was cracked / broken and also fitted a new under bonnet sound deadening pad as the one it came with was pretty buggered.

One thing I really wasn't happy with is where VW apply top coat and where they stop, bottom of the A pillars could have done with VW going an extra inch lower with the top coat

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Leaking driveshaft CV boot, braking system and exhaust next - the car came will drilled discs, no idea of what brand, pads seem fairly cheap but plenty of meat on both so they aren't worth looking at for now.

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Cheers Andy

I've just got back from picking it up from the local garage.

Driveshaft CV boot now replaced
Braided hoses installed plus I ended up having to replace one of the rear calipers which wasn't working fully.
Replaced the steel caliper lines with new (these things)
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Exhaust was meant to be 'just' a Scorpion cat back but that didn't go to plan; turns out there was also a blow on the flexis prior to the cats (it sounded awful). A PM to Lucifer (total gem) and the car now has a new pair of new flexis and cats to go with the Scorpion.

Finances have taken an absolute battering obviously so will need to wait a little for the next job which will be DSG service, Haldex Service and Full inspection service

I've not mentioned the interior yet

The car has a leather interior, no rips or scuffs but needs some TLC to make it look a bit less ancient
The steering wheel could do with a retrim - not damaged but showing its 73k miles and 14 years
The headliner is starting to sag but not too bad for now
The car has factory sat nav which doesn't work, no bluetooth and no DAB. I'd like to sort this further down the line but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a nuisance and pushes its way up the wish list once I get to start driving the car.

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Good call on the Lucifer parts. They are brilliant. The fluids service will not be too bad and you are working your way through the major maintenance items ( which you will not need to do again) . The snag is that 14 years of use, water, salt , road grit etc takes its toll eventually so you are dealing with the inevitable.
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