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Right all...

Seen a number of threads now which state what oils that can be used, 5w-30 seems to be the most commonly used. after looking through the manual it states oil:

Long Life - VW 503 00
Multigrade - VW 500 00 or VW 502 00
High lubricity - VW 501 01

My plan is to service the car every 5-8k miles, i have spotted this oil from Quantum Platinum 5w-40 on ebay, although Is this ok to use ? the manual states to only use a small amount of 505 00 oil. although the link below states "Manufacturer Specifications Approved: VW 502 00, VW 505 00, VW 505 01"


Filter wise, is the VW dealership the best place to go for this ? or can anyone else name a place to purchase this.

Part number: 070 115 562 (Filter comes with o-ring)

Is the plug needed for this ?

Part number: 071 115 434 (Plug comes with O-rings)

Ideally if everything is answered here i can pin it up in the performance section and it can be referred to


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I got a Hengst oilf filter from euro car parts with discount.

Really oil, if it says meets the requirements of VW 502/505etc then the oil iss the same in the way that I use Halfords oils which is the VW exact one. Only difference between the Halfords one and say shell or castrol is they just may have an additive or two more in them or a dye for colour. They do come from the same refinery and in most cases your just paying for the brand.

Need new drain plug seal and housing seal which seal comes with the filter. Just be sure to use direct tool as in 36mm socket for housing as a spanner or anything else can crack the head off.
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