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Right all...

Seen a number of threads now which state what oils that can be used, 5w-30 seems to be the most commonly used. after looking through the manual it states oil:

Long Life - VW 503 00
Multigrade - VW 500 00 or VW 502 00
High lubricity - VW 501 01

My plan is to service the car every 5-8k miles, i have spotted this oil from Quantum Platinum 5w-40 on ebay, although Is this ok to use ? the manual states to only use a small amount of 505 00 oil. although the link below states "Manufacturer Specifications Approved: VW 502 00, VW 505 00, VW 505 01"


Filter wise, is the VW dealership the best place to go for this ? or can anyone else name a place to purchase this.

Part number: 070 115 562 (Filter comes with o-ring)

Is the plug needed for this ?

Part number: 071 115 434 (Plug comes with O-rings)

Ideally if everything is answered here i can pin it up in the performance section and it can be referred to

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