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Got a new Golf 4 New Year.....

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Woops! Went round the parents house this morning to find this in the garden.......
All I know is that the driver was arrested (and very lucky!)

More pics can be found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157603600809833/
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that looks nasty the 1 wiv the wood through the window! very lucky! apart from what gona happen to them next!
Yep, Very lucky with the wood through the windscreen,

Boy racer ? Been drinking ? ,or going to fast.

Hope your parents get there garden sorted
Seem's like they took offence too something?.
Hope they were ok,unless they had been drink driving,a lesson learned hopefully..:help:
That's one lucky driver. I guess that is all about to change now tho'. Good post!!
That's nasty but luckily everyone was okay.

Is it a TDI? If so what condition is the rear valance in...need a new one for my girlfriends car!
Jeffers said:
That's nasty but luckily everyone was okay.

Is it a TDI? If so what condition is the rear valance in...need a new one for my girlfriends car!
LOL it seems ok. Not sure if it's a GTi or TDi. My mates got his eye on the stereo but i'm not having anything to do with it. And the boot is unlocked......... Every time I open it the alarm goes off.
the driver was well lucky :) hope he/she is okay, and that they wernt beong a idiot as otherwise they wont be worried about the car for a few years :( but would be a punishment very justified if they were drink driving.

Your parents house looks lush :) :) :) hope they are able to get the fence and agrden sorted and back to the way it was.
maybe they thought garden was so nice they wanted a closer look !!!
I've had a look at the CCTV and it happened at 03:50 this morning. All I can see are lights coming through the fence then go dark but I'm thinking he was being chased as the Police seemed to be there in 20-30 seconds as I can see blue flashing lights and torches being waved about. But there may be some time delay as I think the CCTV only records motion. Not sure how it works and I cant see the time stamps!
sounds like he was being chased as surely the police wouldnt have arrived with blues on if it was only a crash.

Did they come and tell your parents about it? Because wouldnt your parents be able to claim off them for the damaged caused?
No, my parents woke up normal time and found it like that. They phoned the police and they said they were aware. We also found the drivers details in the post box as the police got all his details and jotted them down and put it through the letter box for our insurance or his......
I was always under the impression that if the police were using the blues they accepted liability for all crashes involving themselves and also the car they were chashing if chashing one. Or have i completely got it wrong?

So i would have thoguht your parents shouldnt claim on their insurance (ie premium going up), but i suppose it wouldnt matter claiming against the other driver on his insurance, as then that wouldnt effect your parents policy.
that driver was very lucky to have survived that, you watch fence post impalements on those bravo channel programs and its never pretty. heres hoping your folks get a successful claim...that house is very nice
Any news on the driver and getting the garden sorted?

In the 4th picture is the a tree on the deck?
Yeah there has been an update, i'm surprised decked has not posted it here. Therefire I will copy it from another forum

"Well I just found out I know the driver! His mum just dragged him round my parents house to say sorry! HAHAHAHA Silly Boy! Could have been embarrassing if I'd ripped the engine and stereo out......."

Now if he knows them it is possible I do to, time will tell ;)
Bloody hell thats funny, i bet he was well embaressed, was he being chased by the police?
It turns out I have met the driver.... I can't remember but he knows me! Or he knows my car. His mum dragged him round my parent's house to say sorry. HAHAHA (gutted) when he saw the post through the window I think he realized how lucky he was, and his mum was in shock!
The car was his granddads or used to be, not quite sure, but he was out of it that night. Not sure why he drove but a few of my mates had seen him drinking heavily that night.
He told my mum he phoned the police and that he was the only person in the car..... I find this hard to believe as the CCTV shows otherwise and the both airbags have blood on them (but I'm no detective....)
He managed to take out about 7 lalandii (don't know how to spell) trees, did quite a good job too. Also the fence and a large wooden post. The car was removed yesterday, and it's left a large hole that needs filling!
Thats mentle mate! He is very lucky!
Man, it's just like a TV soap opera round your way!

The fencepost through windscreen is nasty, he is sooo lucky.

I hope your folks pursue the case through the right channels and don't go for a personal settlement in instalments or anything silly.

Let us know how the story unfolds Decked.... I don't get Eastenders on TV since I moved here.... :D
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