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Got my R pics on!!

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Hi Folks,
finally managed to grt my pics posted!!

Hope you like

Last year before the coilovers!

These are all this year but with the winter wheels still on!!

The 19"'s will be back on next week after a polish and a colour change........
I'll post some more pics then (Better ones i hope)
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Hi, very nice....am liking the debadged tailgate.
looking very tidy indeed mate :D

cant wait to get my tail blended
Lovin the rims in black tbh.

Nice lookin motor.
Lovin the roof rack, I need to get one. Normally put the bike in the boot.
Car looks great!
your summer rims are really nice, not seen them before. Out of interest, why do you change them in the winter (are they hard to maintain or does the cold and ice knacker them)?
:eek: Roof rack!!!

Looking very nice mate, best colour too :xD
The roof rack is a nesesity and only goes on when the bikes need tranported, otherwize its not on.

The wheels were black last year but have just had the lips polished, centers will be different this year ...picking the colour this weekend.

up here in the north east of scotland there is a lot of salt on the roads in the winter thats why the winter wheels go on
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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