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Thinking of swapping my edition 30 for a mk4 r32 they are a car I've always wanted but I also need the cash as I'm going traveling in July so need the cash!
I'm looking for a mk4 r32 but I'd only like 3 door please sub 70k miles although I'll listen as long as it hasn't done space ship mileage!
Colour doesn't matter too much but I'd prefer dbp or a rare grey or dark blue !
Mods aren't a problem just preferably no silly hard coilovers, although ideally I'd like a standard car!

My car had just ticked over to 57k miles
Full history just had water pump and cam belt.
I havnt recently had it remapped by r tech and have a print out for 305 bhp.
The car has a custom exhaust which sounds awesome will add a video once I get to a computer!
Also recently changed to a full leather heated and electric interior.
I would like a part ex for my car plus a decent amount of cash.
I brought this car from a dealer about 6-7 months ago for good money and I know how well they hold money so no silly offers!

Please ask if I have missed anything

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