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This year has a new location at Shakespeare county raceway. Had a great turnout last year and hoping for even better this year. The event is on 6-7 of July and just like bruntingthorpe has a timed 1/4 mile drag strip.
I will be going on Sunday the 7th. Just let me know and il add names etc to the list.


The address is

Airfield house
Long marathon airfield
Stratford upon Avon

ALSO if people are interested on the 1/4 mile crash helmets are mandatory at this event


1. Rich23 v6 (mk4 R32)
2. Dazr32 (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
3. Jamiew123 (mk5 R32)
4. maRtin32 (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
5. Gazjones (mk4 R32 turbo) (ticket & pass)

1. Stefan88 (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
2. Blw (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
3. Paul89 (mk5 R32)
4. Cij84 (turbo mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
5. Rich23 v6 (mk4 R32)
6. Harv32 (mk5 R32)
7. Eddgreen (mk4 r32) (ticket & pass)
8. JackR32 (mk4 R32)
9. MIQ (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
10. Dazr32 (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
11. Farmer (mk4 R32 turbo) (ticket & pass)
12. Filbro (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
13. Jack32 (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
14. Fernr32 (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
15. Jamesbaby (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
16. Jamiew123 (mk5 R32)
17. Rogbodger (mk5 R32)
18. Reevo (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
19. Monkeymahem (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
20. SimonP (mk5 R32)
21. Ollie91 (mk4 R32)
22. Anakin (TTRS) (ticket & pass)
23. Dent Reform (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
24. Gazjones (mk4 R32 turbo) (ticket & pass)
25. DougalR ( ticket & pass)
26. Bambam (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
27. Charlie10 (mk4 R32) (ticket & pass)
28. Cpwest (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
29. Gatherz (mk5 R32) (ticket & pass)
30. Michelle

To guarantee a place on the stand please buy your tickets from the website in advance of the show. We haven't been given a number of
places it's a case of see how many tickets the R32OC buy. So if you go onto gti international website and book your tickets you will receive your tickets and stand passes in the post.
You may get on the stand if you get your ticket on the day bit this is not guaranteed.
On the website when you purchase your ticket there is a club stand section.

P.S. when buying you ticket you have to buy it 1st then click back to register for your stand pass

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Frankie32 said:
I'm away on the 7th. Might do the 6th. What's the location ?
Stratford upon Avon

Ill be going on the Sunday, worth noting crash helmets are mandatory for the 1/4 mile at Shakespeare

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I can do mate but won't start a thread until then I think it's slightly too in advance lol. Get yourself down this year mate í ½í¸Š
I'm still hoping it will be ready by then but I'm not tempting fate

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I'll be there sunday mk4 r32
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